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100% Pure Gula Melaka Vacumm Pack


Nutritional Data:
Energy                                354kcal
Carbohydrate                  86.8gm
Protein                               0.5gm
Total Fat                            0.6gm

Ingredient: 100% Coconut PalmSap

Made in Malacca, Malaysia


Gula Melaka is also known as coconut palm sugar, boil with water to make the syrup that forms the basis of Malaysian Famous Dessert – Cendol. At Tan Kim Hock Product Centre Sdn Bhd, we aim to produce the pure and premium quality made of Gula Melaka.

NOTE: Gula Melaka is considered a wholesome sugar, retaining more mineral salts than refined sugar due to the absence of bleaching. It has a relatively low glycemic index giving a steadier supply of energy so it’s an ideal sweetener alternative for children (no sugar peaks and lows in the bloodstream); it’s also reputed to be better for diabetics.


Weight 500 g
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